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Once upon a time the internet was not catalogued and links pages were THE way to find targeted information. Then along came search engines that found you whatever you needed, and links pages became obsolete and even a little tacky. Now search engines are mostly good for swamping you with link farms, advertisements, and scams, so those link pages don't seem like such a bad idea now, huh? Now I'm off to convert pictures of cats into binary and post something witty on alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die.


The Circle of the Dragon - A terrific website on dragons and dragon lore. The "Dragons of Fame" section on dragons in mythology is particularly good.
Dee Dreslough - A great dragon artist. Lots of great pictures.
DragonVale - If you have an iPad, and you love dragons, say goodbye to your free time. Also see Macenstein's Ultimate DragonVale Breeding Guide, the best source on the web for how to breed rare dragons.
Animated Dragon Gifs - Animated dragons, old school style.
How to Draw Cartoon Dragons - Learn how to draw dragons and other cartoons.

Random Geek Stuff - My own domain! I'm so proud!
Slashdot - A critical source of computer news, and often the first alarm for everything from virus threats to sneaky government legislation.
POVray - Persistence of Vision ray tracer for making cool 3-D stuff.
    My personal image gallery. (warning thse are quite old)

Color Brewer - If you make maps you need this.
xkcd - Weird and wonderful. Sometimes just weird.


SCA - The Society for Creative Anachronism.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook - An extensive on-line collection of medieval writings and links to similiar sourcebooks for other cultures and time periods. Great for primary source material.
Anna's Crafts Links Page - An extensive set of links for people doing medieval recreation as well as LARP's and other fantasy RP groups. If you can make it, there's a link to it here.
Gode Cookery - A great source for medieval recipes and other genteel things.
Project Gutenberg - Liturature free to the public from all ages.
Dragonbear - A useful website with good content on random subjects: period oaths and missives, medieval embroidery, history articles, and home-made clip art.
Ferrets in Art History - For those bizarre friends of mine who think tube-rats are charming pets, an overview of ferretts in the Middle Ages, with lots of images.
SCA Today - News of the Knowne World for SCAdians as well as current event stories of interest to any medievalist.
The Linkspages - A terrific resource of images of medieval material culture through art and the artifacts themselves.

User Contributions

Medicine and Health in the Middle Ages - Contains links related to historic medical practices. Thanks to the clever squires at Knights and Nobles camp for finding this link!
Medicine in Medieval Times - Contains links related to medieval medical practices. Thanks to Mr. Bill's brave warriors for sending me this link!

Water and Air - (was A great resource for kayakers with beginner-friendly forums and information.
Maryland's Online Boating Access Guide - Put your kayak *here*.
Howard County Bird Club Photo Page - A great resource to help identify birds in Maryland.
Voice of the Naturalist - What's new and exciting in your backyard.
All About Birds - A great birding webste from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
10,000 Birds - A blog-based website about global birding and conservation.
Baltimore FalconCam - Watch peregrine falcons Boh and Barb raise their young.
DC Arboretum Eagle Nest Cam - One of many nest cams to be found online, this opne is in Washington DC.

User Contributions

Missouri's State Bird - A web site dedicated to all things Bluebird. Thanks to Kristy's class at Enriching Kids for sending me this link!
Bird Watching for Couch Potatos - Information on birdwatching for beginners. Thanks to Nancy's group at GCC for sending me this link!

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