My Projects

Here are a few of my fledgling projects. I am not very prolific right now, but I hope someday that may change.

This is my first serious attempt at Opus Anglicanum. It was inspired by the elaborately embroidered 14th century purses, such as the one seen here. The figure was taken from the Manesse Codex.

My first attempt at Bayeux Tapestery stitch, a greyhound. Crewel wool on something, maybe cotton.

A Bayeaux lion. Crewel wool on linen.

This is my take on a 13th century reliquary pouch. Documentation for the project can be found here.

A heraldic napkin. Hopefully there is enough space there to wipe someone's mouth someplace other than on the embroidery! This will be a set of four eventually.

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