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For the unawares, the Society for Creative Anachronism is a Medieval recreation group covering all cultural aspects of the middle ages.

I am currently live in the greater Lochmere/Bright Hills area in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Formerly, I have lived in Carolingia of the East Kingdom, followed by four years in the Kingdom of Meridies in various groups in Louisiana, two more "back east" in the Barony Beyond the Mountain, and a brief stint in Ponte Alto in Atlantia. I am a proud Carolingian and former provost of the Ivory Keep.

I am a herald first and foremost. I also fence, do embroidery, storytelling, western dance drum, and in my less sane moments, hold offices such as borough provost, autocrat, webmaster, and chronicler. I am a vassal of Baron/Master Tibor of Rock Valley, former Golden Gryphon Pursuviant of Carolingia and a bunch of other stuff. All of this has very little to do with my actual personna...

In the SCA I am a 14th century woman living on the Wettin lands named Sabine Berard (formerly Sabine von Wettin). The Wettin lands were privately owned duchys, much like the Hapsbugs. Sabine lived about 75 miles north of Coburg in what is modern day Germany, near the Czech border. I am the child of a relatively wealthy [I haven't really decided yet :) ] person. My mother died in childbirth and I was sent to live with my aunt, a rather eccentric woman living in cosmopolitan Prague. There I recieved a liberal education and when I came of age, returned to my father's land to take my proper place as head Lady of the household.

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