Heraldic ASCII Art

I've seen so many people struggle with trying to describe blazon in e-mail and on Usenet, I thought this ascii art reference guide might help. You can pick out the elements you'd like, add them to the shields, and cut/paste your creation into your e-mail. Unfortunately I have not found a way to insert the objects in the shield without the shield being affected by line breaks - you will have to do it line by line. If you know a better way, please let me know! The big shield is made to hold a maximum of 4 quatered objects. If your device has more than 4 charges on it, it's ugly and shouldn't be blazoned anyway.

The files can be viewed by HTML or as text files.

Happy blazoning!

Shields (text)
Field Divisions and Treatments (text)
Ordinaries (text)
Positions and Attitudes (text)
Common Charges (TBA)

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Comments, technical corrections, and requests for specific ascii charges welcome.
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